Nearly 5 million Americans hold security clearances.  Their jobs, and in many cases their careers, depend on obtaining and maintaining that clearance.

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I advise and represent security clearance holders  in the Baltimore metro area whose clearance is at-risk because of their tax troubles, financial difficulties, or other Security Clearance Guideline violations. 

I started this as a service to my tax clients who were concerned about their clearances, and have expanded to offer full representation to clearance holders and applicants, with or without tax troubles.

Whether informally explaining and mitigating problems to the security office, or appealing a Statement of Reasons for a denial or revocation, I protect my client's clearances, jobs, and careers.

If you are concerned about losing your clearance, or being denied a clearance, please call me at S.H. Block Tax Services.  The number is  410.727.6006.  No charge for the initial phone consultation.