Tax Advising & Planning

The best way to avoid a tax problem is effective advice and planning.  Let me apply my education and experience to your questions, before they become your problems.

Tax Litigation

Its not always possible to get the right result with the tax examiner.  When that fails, I have no qualms suing the government in Tax Court.  I have represented taxpayers before the U.S. and Maryland Tax Courts, negotiating several favorable settlements for my clients.

Maryland Board of Tax Return Preparers

Maryland is one of the few states that regulates tax return preparers, and I am one of maybe a dozen attorneys who have successfully represented a return preparer facing a disciplinary hearing. 

The Board can and has issued fines as large as $50,000!  Having effective counsel is essential to an effective defense, and better outcomes

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Tax Collection Resolution

If you owe the IRS or the Comptroller, you are

vulnerable.  As interest an penalties pile up, your bank or retirement accounts could be seized, and your pay garnished to nearly nothing.  You could be denied a passport, security clearance,  drivers' license, vehicle registration, or professional licenses.  

Let me defend and guide you to square away back taxes, possibly for less than you owe,  without having to endure humiliation or hardship.

Tax Controversy

What to do when you get an examination notice from the State of IRS.

I represent taxpayers whose tax returns are audited by the IRS or the State of Maryland.  Applying my education and experience, I deduce just what the government is calling into question, and then put their questions to rest persuasively and effectively.