Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What the Difference between a Tax Attorney and a Tax Return Preparer?

A. Just about anyone can prepare tax returns, there is no federally-mandated education or training requirement.  

To be a tax lawyer, I spent three years in law school, passed the Maryland bar exam, and spent another two years earning a masters degree in tax law.  I can give you legal advice, prepare your taxes, represent you in audit, appeals, collections, and in Court.

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Q. What the Difference Between a Tax Attorney and an Accountant/C.P.A.

Accounts have college degrees in accounting, and have to pass the C.P.A. exam.  Accounting is a big field, and includes much more than taxes.  Accountants cannot give legal advice, which can be critical in tax planning and controversy.  Another critical difference is confidentiality.  The government can subpoena your accountant to testify against you.  Absent extraordinary circumstances, the government cannot subpoena your lawyer.

Q. Is it true you can help me settle my tax debt for pennies on the dollar?

A.  Maybe, but the real question is how many pennies?  The I.R.S. and the State do settle tax debts, but it is not as easy as some television advertisers make it out to be.  I work closely with my clients, giving them my personal time and attention, to make sure the job is done right, with the best chance of success.